Sale Seconds - 50% Off

Sale Seconds - 50% Off

from 11.00

Sale Seconds - 50% Off

Grab yourself a bargain with a half price candle! You are buying an unboxed candle with minor a defect/s. These candles aren’t quite up to our high quality control standards but will still burn perfectly fine. No point in wasting these beauties!

Once a month we will release a new handful of these heavily discounted candles so get in quick, they won’t last long. Fragrances and sizes will vary each week.

Possible defects may include:

  • Glassware defects

  • Screen printing defects

  • Chipped/ broken wicks

  • Wicks off-center

  • Dents in travel tins

  • Uneven wax finish

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Timeless Collection

Designed to delight candle lovers of all ages, our Timeless Collection pays homage to classic scents but with a contemporary twist. Encased in a weighty glass jar, Nevé luxury soy candles not only look stylish, they will light up your senses with intensely mesmerizing scents and unique wood wicks boasting a flickering flame, soft crackling sound and long burn time.

Available in small, medium or large to add instant style and ambiance any space. A decadent treat for yourself or a wonderful gift for others.

Wanderlust Collection

Make anywhere smell like home with our travel tins – the perfect size to pop in your bag and go. Beautifully packaged in our signature box, they make a sweet gift or are an ideal way to sample different scents.


Burn Time Guide:

  • Travel Tin: Up to 15 hours

  • Small: Up to 15 hours

  • Medium: Up to 40 hours

  • Large: Up to 65 hours

Burn times are based on our testing, strictly following our recommended burning tips. Depending on the conditions your candle is in you may notice some slight variation to these times.

Product Dimensions:

Travel Tin = 7cm W x 3.5cm H Travel Tin Boxed = 8cm W x 8cm H x 4cm D

Small Jar = 5.7cm H x 6.5cm W Small Jar Boxed = 9.5cm W x 6.5cm H x 9.5cm D

Medium Jar = 8cm H x 9.2cm W Medium Jar Boxed = 12cm W x 8.8cm H x 12cm D

Large Jar = 10cm H x 10cm W Large Jar Boxed = 13cm W x 10.8cm H x 13cm D